Margarita Osipian

Mushrooms Ate My Furniture

A design object that eats itself

In the ultimate cyclical process, this garden furniture is embedded with mushrooms which decompose and eat away at it over time.


Mushrooms ate my furniture - Image of a wooden bench that slowly gets eaten away by the mushrooms that are embedded in it. This image was taken from the artists website and can be found here . Shinwei Rhoda Yen

Stockholm based designer Shinwei Rhoda Yen created this piece of garden furniture which raises questions about sustainable design development.

This piece of garden furniture is made of natural wood and embedded with mushroom
spawn. After a time of exposure to the weather, mushrooms will grow out and live with the furniture. As the nutritional material from the wood is eaten by the mushrooms, the furniture will start to break down, eventually dying while giving its life to the mushrooms.

More about this project can be found on the artist's website here.