Margarita Osipian

Construction and Installation

People to call for supplementary construction and art installation

This is a list of people we've worked with in previous exhibitions (supplementary to the Mediamatic staff) for construction, painting, and general art installation.


Installation of tomato wall - Plastering of the [ /232480/en 'Mur de Double Concentré de Tomate' wall for the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. Anna Meijer

Although here at Mediamatic we are pretty set on doing most things ourselves, sometimes we need a helping hand. This is the contact list for people that we've worked with on past installations who are professionals at construction and other kinds of art installation.


Saro Van Cleynenbreugel

Tel: +31623913535
About: worked for 6 years at Mediamatic. Can install electricity and do some plumbing and carpeting. Likes to work with small electronics and plants.

Mhairi Macfarlane

Tel: +31638723501
Knows her way around. She worked here for many many years.
Very handy in everything

Hout Vast || Lennart van den Berg

Tel: 0618137166
Note: Has a lot of people that can construct fast and cheap.
Toilets, bathroom, plaster, painting, drilling, floors, walls
Adres: Maresingel 22, Leiden

Arthur de Aannemer

Name: Arthur Birni
Tel: (06) 21 95 14 47
Note: roof repair, construction

Aaron McLaughlin

Tel: +31628505953
Well experienced. Did a lot of exhibition construction work.
18 november 2015.

Marianne Lammersen

Tel: +31(0)645775597
Quick, handy and positive! Helped with the Fays, Fairies & other magical creatures exhibition.

Niels Albers

Tel: +31(0)648185396
Built the Clean Room for the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition.


Inside the clean room at Mediamatic BANK - Anna Meijer

Rutger Emmelkamp

06 26 98 89 76
Participated in Hacker Camp 2010 and did some other carpeting jobs for us. He's smart, fast and good in his work.


Tel: +31(0)610529327
Fraser helped us with construction and painting for the
Piece de Resistance exhibition. He usually works with Niels Albers.

Beerend Groot

Tel:+31(0)6 12 22 75 15
Assisted Niels Albers in building the Clean Room for the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. Beerend is also a sound engineer and a graphic designer.

Martijn Bakker

Tel:+31(0)6 38 75 12 55
Assisted Niels Albers in building the new order exhibition. He is just as handy and reliable as Niels. And they are good friends.

Seamus Cater

Tel: +31(0)6 17 06 29 64
Built the bar in our exhibition space and is a versatile good carpenter and furniture builder.

Thjeu Donders

Tel: +31(0)6 22 76 93 65
Participated in two Hacker Camps and is a good, reliable carpenter / builder / constructer. Worked as an intern with the Refunc boys (The Hague) as well.

Floor Heating etc

Paul Godschalk

Tel: +31(0)629242437
Paul installed the floor heating for the new order / radiant beach exhibition. He was recommended by Henk van Engelen.

Art Installation

Jorge Bakker

Tel: +31(0)621532758
Jorge installed the 'Mur de Double Concentré de Tomate' piece for the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition.


Installation of "Mur de Double Concentre de Tomate" - Installation of the ['Mur de Double Concentré de Tomate'] wall for the Paddestoelen Paradijs exhibition. Anna Meijer


Meeus van Dis

Tel: +31(0)633042512
Meeus lighted up the swings in de Van Gendthallen.



Willem van der Meij
Tel: 020 - 506 20 50
deden schoonmaak kade uienfeest en hal 1 van gendthallen

Technical assistance

Quint van Kesteren

Tel: 06 4246 9844
heeft een aantal keren geluidstechniek gedaan toen mhairi er niet was

Scaffolding and high workers

VHS verhuur

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