Karly Gerharts

Hyde Park joins Pis'Project

Kamiel Rongen Utilizes Urine and Urinals in New Piece

Audio-visual artist, Kamiel Rongen, is back and busy working on his newest creation, right here at Mediamatic Biotoop. Followers of the BioTalk series may recognize the artist, whom goes by the moniker Hyde Park, from the April 2015 edition where his work Water Ballet was previewed. For the unfamiliar, a quick trip to the artist’s website will transport you into his illusory realm.


Still from a video installation by Kamiel Rongen - New video work created with urine, by Kamiel Rongen. Kamiel Rongen

Kaleidoscopic Lanscapes

Creating surreal kaleidoscopic landscapes accompanied by his own moody soundtrack, the multimedia artist uses little more than simple chemical components. These visuals, which may seem otherworldly or even digitally produced, are actually entirely authentic. The dreamy effects are achieved by filming the mysterious concoctions inside of a fishbowl.

For his next piece, Rongen is stepping away from the multicolored schemes seen in his previous works. This newest work focuses on the soft golden hues provided and inspired by the artist’s own urine. In the nature of Mediamatic’s own Pis’ Project, the artist will be using urine in his work for the first time.

Interactive Urinals

Taking on a fresh mellow yellow tone, the piece will also reach an innovative feat in terms of exhibition. Rongen and the Mediamatic team are working on a unique presentation of his audio-visual creation. The multi-channel piece will be assimilated into a larger interactive installation involving urinals. Not only will these urinals help keep the budding Dijkspark community clean, they will also be the focus of yet to be revealed Mediamatic projects.

Opening September 11, 2015

While details are still under wraps, we invite you to come see Rongen's work for yourself. The installation will debut on Friday 11 September as part of the Dijkspark Openings Weekend. The following week, a behind-the-scenes look at the piece will be revealed. Rongen will speak of his experience, creating art with urine, at the 3rd edition of Pis' Talk on September 24th.