Emer Beamer

co-founder of Nairobits and Butterfly Works, design do-tank


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Co-founder of Nairobits and Butterfly Works. I am currently research and development director at Butterfly Works, a growing social design agency.
My motivation is to design meaningful (learning) experiences for others, facilitating the authorship of young people in whatever media is at hand.
This ranges from cross media hiv.aids prevention program in Nigeria (Learning about Living) to web design schools for youth from slum areas in Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Zanzibar to conflict resolution skills in South Africa.

This year I am co-programming the special 'Surprising Africa' with SICA. We want to share with the audience the vibrant and fast moving technological and creative development from cities across Africa. Think mobile banking in rural places or Nollywood goes ipod. Watch the specials page for the latest program. or mail with with tips.