Public discussion in Amsterdam, Kocaeli, online.

WatSpinoza? ignites public discussion by asking questions based on Spinoza's writings. We formulated the questions together with writer/philosopher Dirk van Weelden, and post them in the public arena.

In May 2012 WatSpinoza? traveled to Turkey. 16 questions were posted around the campus of Kocaeli University in Izmir. People could respond to the questions through watspinoza.nl and through Facebook.

In 2009 large posters sporting the questions were distributed throughout Amsterdam. People could respond to the questions via sms, through watspinoza.nl, and on blackboards in Mediamatic Bank, our exhibition space on the Vijzelstraat, Amsterdam. Mediamatic collected feedback, recycled interesting statements and started a dialogue with and between the people of Amsterdam. The exhibition, comprising of the questions, performances and events featured here on the right, ran from May 8 to June 28, 2009, and was part of a larger manifestation, My Name is Spinoza.


Sleeping Spinoza - Rebecca Wotzko