Ine Poppe

Artist, Journalist, Scenariowriter, Teacher


Beftival portrait Ine Poppe - Beftival curator Caroline Aravicius

With: Ine Poppe

Ine Poppe is a writer, teacher, journalist and artist. Ine is involved in several cross-media projects and part of the organisation of Beftival. 

Ine Gained international fame with the project Moedermelkkaas, early 1980s. Poppe conceived and wrote the television scenario for Necrocam: death online, directed by Dana Nechustan (prize for best drama scenario European Broadcast Union 2002). She made television programs and wrote scenarios for computer games. She has also directed Hippies From Hell, a documentary about the group of hackers who introduced the internet to the Netherlands, and the documentary Them Fucking Robots, about the Canadian robot artist Norman White.

Poppe supervises final exams at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and wrote about art and technology for NRC Handelsblad from 1997 to 2014. In 2015 she made a documentary about her obsession: teeth in all their facets: Teeth.  Also, an implant from her mouth is an artwork in The Moon Gallery, 2021, Molars for the moon to be exhibited in space. In 2016 she wrote the screenplay for The Modular Body, a transmedia project about biotechnology by Floris Kaayk, which won a Gouden Kalf. In 2017, Poppe created an empathic chatbot, Pip, for the exhibition RobotLove. In 2018, the log files of the conversations people had with Pip resulted in a sound installation that was exhibited at the RobotLove exhibition. During the Brexit she lived and worked for 3 years in Newcastle (UK) working on ceramics among other things. Together with filmmaker Erik van Zuijlen she will make a large garden installation with ceramics and projections in 2019. During the lockdown she and her partner Sam Nemeth made puppet films a.o. for Cinekid. Currently, Ine is involved in several cross-media projects, such as the BEFtival.

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