1 jan 2004

N event 2

X-OR record release

Field recordings 12: The N Collective

Thursday, 29th of April at Mediamatic Supermarkt


Field Recordings 12: The N Collective -


The N Collective - Thursday 29th of april at Mediamatic Supermarkt


The N Collective at Mediamatic Supermarkt - Thursday 29th of april 2004

Showcasing the N ensembles:

Office-R (6) electro - acoustic sextet

87Central solo electronics

Thai on Top percussion duo

PHO(-1) Bjornar Habbestad and Morten Jolsen

a combinatory performance of all ensembles

after / during / in between:


people at Field Recordings 12: The N Collective -

DJ Kodi (Nathalie Bruys)

Scenography by Martin Butler

Visuals by Neslo N & Brian mcKenna

more info www.radiantslab.com/n