Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange

Now in Amsterdam, ASCII stands for the Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange (, and not for the 7-bit code that defines letters and numbers. ASCII is a migrating computer center for the sharing of internet, DIY knowledge and open source software, now based on the Javastraat 38hs. ASCII has a large following of hacktivists teaching Amsterdam how to fix their own computers, use linux and how to build antennas one needs join their open Amsterdam wireless network, amongst other tech savvy things. ASCII adheres to their own hacktivism ethics, in which censorship and copyright are avoided and code is to be written, shared and improved.

ASCII also hosts websites, including the Amsterdam indymedia platform, a place where media activists can post anything from a manifest to an event without any editorial intervention. The indymedia agenda is a pretty good source for demonstrations and politically tinged events, while the articles almost always show the other side of any story. Another alternative media source would be Radio 100, which lately merged with DFM to become a webradio station, with 24 hour streams of eclectic music, poetry and prose.

Other ASCII frequenters also include the genderchangers, a global organization originally from Amsterdam that compiles a reader, hosts a website and gives workshops by women for women on computer hardware skills. Any girl interested in taking a computer apart and then putting it back together is welcome during their frequent workshops at ASCII, or if you have that down, this is the place to discuss your girly kernel work.

But besides all this, ASCII also functions as a simple (internet) cafe, where you don't necessarily have to talk about computer related things. They are open daily from 14:00 to 19:00, and serve wonderful swedish waffles on occasion. Throughout their existence, ASCII has worked through an impressive list of locations, but wherever they are, they will still welcome you into their tux-adorned headquarters.

Contact informatie

  • Javastraat 38hs
  • 1094
  • Amsterdam
  • NL