wearable project meeting_11 July 2008

Eunji & Vanessa

0. Before this meeting, it had been decided to focus on designing interactive gloves (Klaas, Eunji, Arjan, 10 July 2008), which has RFID reader near palm area, and a small pocket for RFID tag. So when two people shake hands, reader in each glove reads data from tag in the other glove.
1. we thought, instead of making a small pocket in the glove, so making people to put their RFID tag inside the pocket of glove before doing handshake,
it'd be better to give a (really simple, cheap) wrist band, like a enterance ticket of concerts & clubs, to all the participant with RFID tag during registration.

By doing so, the interaction will be more natural and intuitive; all attendees are guided to wear RFID tag in a certain way (wrist band), so attendees can make contact, just by handshaking with a person (kind of 'connector) who is wearing the RFID reader-embedded glove, without the process of putting RFID tag into the glove.

2. concept is
- A 'connector' who is wearing RFID reader embedded glove, like a mobile platform+mediator, is walking around.
- Connector will be noticeable (not only glove, maybe wearing some costume to let people recognize who s/he is, and what s/he does)
- By shaking hands with the 'connector', people can make new contact
- This can happen in 3 different ways,
a. the 'connector' approaches to people who are talking each other, and make contact by stimulating them to shake hands with 'connector' .
b. the 'connector' will be quite noticeable and stand out among crowd, provoke curiosity, so attendees approach to the 'connector' to play with.
c. the 'connector' really works as mediator for 'new relationship', for instance, approches to people who look bored, or who are not talking with anyone, and invite two people to create new relationship.

- Eunji likes to give a chance to anyone (any attendees) to be the 'connector' (try on the gloves), but agrees with Vanessa that it can be risky.

- Things that should be discussed.
1. It should be okay with PICNIC organizers to give a wrist band with RFID tag to all attendees at registration desk
2. the number of 'connector' depends on the budget. For instance, if we're going to use eeepc, which costs around 300 euros, making 5 prototypes will cost 1500~2000 euros.

Things to do till next Friday (18 July 2008),
1. check the price, supplier of wrist band that will be made for all PICNIC participants
2. due to the shape of RFID reader, it can be uncomfortable when it is embeded in a glove. And in case of making attendees to RFID tag with a wrist band, the tag will be placed on people's wrist. As a result, the distance from the tag to reader can be too far to read tag. So, possibility to attach antenna to the reader should be researched. If it is possible, placing RFID reader somewhere else, instead of near palm will be possible.
3. brainstorming about design of wrist band
4. brainstorming about design of glove (color, shape, etc etc)