Studio Soulrock heeft een vreemde release

Artists that released on the second studio Soulrock will play that shit out loud tonight!

11 dec 2008
11 dec 2008

Steffi /klakson, Soulrock /dj
San Proper /black disco bust /dj
Steven de Peven /rednose district /dj
Lennart Visuals /vj


Soulrock Vreemde Release @ the Sugarfactory . -


Vreemd started in July 2005 and was an instant success. The translation for the Dutch word Vreemd is 'strange', a new night where you can expect anything. You'll be surprised how many strange things can happen in one night. A night bursting with the weirdest minimal, house, techno, deep house, tech house, electro and acid tracks, plus a place for artists who wish to flaunt their offbeat creations.

On Thursday 11 December, from 23:30 - 05:00 (show starts 23:30), € 9,50 (€8 presale and vreemd genoeg card holders), at the Sugarfactory in Amsterdam. Visit