article on time kay patru

the Double

non-linear human perception

an interpretation of the real double theory


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The way we experience time in any given moment seems at first sight to be a linear kind of process.
I used to eat meat, now i eat tofu, and tomorrow i shall embrace the new day.
What is of interest here, is the multitude gaps of forgetting which filtrates our experience as void.
How in the world do we manage to act and navigate through an overwhelming stream of data input on a moment to moment bases??
The theoretical idea is that we could possess a double, as pure potentiality, which experiences past present and future selves, at any given time in any given place, virtual or physical, gathering information and relaying it to our actual bodies in our space-time continuum.
The gaps of forget fullness could be bridges of time relayed information vortexes seeping through our rather limited conscious self, which in turn would act accordingly, full filling its physical task in what appears to be normal speed for our senses.
In this reality, any action would carry within itself the potentiality of an infinite amount of outcomes from a simultaneous past present future time stream, and in the act itself crystallizing as an event which by its nature becomes the past, or in this case pure potential again. (like some kind of time based feed-back effect)
Think of this the next time you make a decision...