Miss F. looking for Friends

Dear Ladys and Gentelman,

I would like to initiate a new project called "Miss Francfort", and I´m looking out for suggestions and partners to realize it....


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For the moment, Miss Francfort is in my studio on one of my paintings, 200 x 140 cm, in lifesize, oil on canvas. She is searching for a special place as her showroom, concerning this I would like to dissipate numerous free assosiated questions towards this issue like...

who precisely is Miss Frankfort?

what could be her message?

what is her profession?

where has she learnd to fly?

is she a she!?

and where about else does she jet, when she´s not buzzing above francfort?

has she got any hobbys?

what is she concernd of?

does she design heart shaped gengerbread- hand bags?

what would her appartment look like, what kind of bits and pieces would suit it and how would we furnish and arrange it?
What kind of customer is she? We speculate about labels, brands....does she go shopping in the closeout store? or is she owner of an american express centurion card and a collector of art?
How does she showcase the light in her appartment? is it from Ikea, or are there only callow electric bulbs? or is it rather from a sophisticated design?

Where lives her companion the frog, in the bathroom? how does this appear?

Wherein would the answers proof evidence? Who are her friends, how is her appearance in youtube?

How would the houswarming-party look like? catering Frankfurter Würstchen?

So far there is no accommodation for the "Miss Frankfurt Project".

Who would like to deliberate and speculate with me about this issue and find and equip a showroom for Miss Francfort?

The potential of realization is certainly manifold.

She also one day could go travelling with bag and baggage...
I would be verry happy for all kind of suggestions, or partners and participators

Yours respectfully
Kyra Claydon

and Miss Frankfurt, looking for friends