Land of Plenty

4 dec 2002

As a conclusion to this year's Studium Generale -programme the Rietveld Academie offers you
(or Luilekkerland or Land of Cockayne or
Lui(lazy)lekker(nice)-land or NeverNeverland)


Paneldiscussion & 'Kunstbraderie'
organised by the Studium Generale and De Zakelijke Kant
(De Zakelijke Kant is a Rietveld-initiative to inform students about the more prosaic aspects of the artists and designer's practice).

Programme on the 4th of December

14.00 PM at the Sandberg Institute:

- small lecture by Gitta Luiten, director of the Mondriaanfoundation.
Invited as a representative of the Dutch governments arts policy with public funds .

- small lecture by Hans Abbing, artist and economist. Writer of the much talked about book Why are artists poor?
Invited as a critic of the Dutch state-subsidary system

15.OO PM

Discussion with Hans Abbing, Gitta Luiten, Florian Gottke (artist, former Rietveld Academie student ) & art students.

Presentation: Gabrielle Schleijpen & Bert Taken
Are the Netherlands a Land of Plenty to artists?

Have Dutch artists become 'luier' (lazier) than artists in other countries?

Is Dutch Art 'lekkerder' (nicer) than art from other countries?

Where lie the detectable boundaries around, and where the more invisible ones inside the Land of Plenty?

''Who is allowed to taste from the rice pudding? Who is not?
And how does it taste?''

After the discussion: 'The Kunstbraderie'

Representatives of many Dutch organisations and institutes that matter to professional artists and designers will be present at the Sandberg to give you information.

Fonds BKVB -Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst-Materiaalfonds (ov)-FNV KIEM-BBK-
YES (vrije vormgevers)-NKB-BnO-Stichting Woon- en Werkruimte Kunstenaars-Broedplaatsen-
Artotheek Oost-Trans Artists- Stichting Kunstenaarsmateriaal /KM-Kunstenaars & co-
De Kunstzaak-Kamer van koophandel-De Ondernemende Kunstenaar
Information about all Post Graduate Institutes in the Netherlands.

And...a custommade Beamclub presentation for Land of Plenty
by Avshalom, Pablo & Maze.