“My Ultradeep I”

evening-length multimedia concert performance

4 feb 2009
4 feb 2009

The project comprises instrumental music with live electronic processings, light as a complementary compositional element and sculptures made of textile as a stage design, specially developed by the japanese artist Kyoko Inatome. The music is performed by Bakin Zub.
The first large block of “My Ultradeep I” is based on the five human senses.
The second block of the piece is based on the more nebulous 6th sense, which is here understood as the sense of the “I”
Musically there are various instrumental textures developed that are transformed, affirmed or decomposed by confrontations with other musical events. By means of live-electronics amalgamations and/or contrasting outlines of sonic layers are created.
The group Bakin Zub combines musicians from different backgrounds like new contemporary, pop, electronic and improvisation, all of which are masters of their instruments.
Another emphasis lies in the combination of sound and light. Both the audio processing and the light compositions are realised by specifically written softwares.
The members of Bakin Zub are:
Ulrich Krieger – sax and didjeridu www.ulrich-krieger.de
Barbara Lüneburg – violin, viola and electric violin www.barbara-lueneburg.com
Michael Blank – electric guitar
Pascal Plantinga – voice, electric bass www.pascalplantinga.com
Arnold Marinissen – percussion and singing saw www.arnoldmarinissen.com
Marko Ciciliani – electronics and no-input mixer www.ciciliani.com