The Loner's Trilogy

Good Time, Dai Bao, Peter Ho

28 jul 2009
30 jul 2009

Feeling lonely this summer? Have all your friends abandoned you for holidays and you're stuck in the city? Hide in the dark of Smart Cinema and share your sorrows with the protagonists of these three films...


Dai Bao - Still from the Loner's Trilogy by Chang Kang Yee.

A humorous and melancholic series of portraits of young people struggling with loneliness and searching for affection in modern day Singapore. Composed by three quirky and twisty short episodes (Good Time, Dai Bao and Peter Ho), The Loner's Triology show everyday life through the eyes of a number of characters who, although somehow stuck or lost, are all still looking for that special something that is missing in their own lives.

Directed by Chang Kang Yee, winner of the prestigious Asian Best Young Director Award in 2008 and frontman of TypeWriter, an acclaimed indie-rock band in Singapore.

Good Time
A bored shopkeeper struggles to find any relief from his pointless occupation...
Dai Bao
The routine of a girl working at a Singaporean coffeeshop is broken by the regular visits of a handsome male customer...
Peter Ho
The Personal life of a disenchanted tourist-guide shatters as his frustration grows bigger and bigger...

Watch it Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 July at Smart Project Space.