light, architecture and soundscapes

21 dec 2004
23 dec 2004
  • 18:00 -0:00
  • 11
  • Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam

A festival of light during dark days, illuminating the relation between light, art and technology. Apparently, Yule means light in some languages, and wheel or circle in others. Seemingly perpetual.

Our beloved electronic minimalist Canadians Pole and Akufen (finally in NL after passing us up for Berlin innumerable times) are coming to accompany the stellar visuals of light architects and other light artists for three days in Amsterdam.

On display on the Museumplein: the infamous Luminaria by Architects of Air, an inflatable building that has travelled the globe. Also work of Joost Rekveld, namely an installation that combines color, light and time by means of LEDs and some programming, will be there. And a bunch of other cool stuff really... in other participating locations the Oude Kerk and Club11, whole laserscapes even will be made.