Barbara Revelli

Still Growing

Living art of Dutch artist Zeger Reyers

In 2007, Stroom Den Haag published a special edition about the dutch artist Zeger Reyers from the eyes of five established writers: Nell Donkers, Roland Groenenboom, Vincent Honoré, Philip Peters, Arno van Roosmalen.

The publication handed up in my hands few weeks ago and it has stimulated me to explore the work of this artist, winner of a prestigious Dutch price called De Ouborg Prijs. As mentioned by Arno van Roosmalen, Zeger Reyers "despite his relatively young age already has built an impressive oeuvre. A work that is diverse in its manifestations and can not be sharply defined, but in his themes and subject matters has a strong correlation."


Still Growing - Stroom Den Haag Publication - Barbara Revelli