Bho: Work-in-Progress at M-Lab

WHAT: Samadhi Dance Company presents Bho: Work-in-Progress

WHEN: 17 & 18 December 2009 - PUBLIC PERFORMANCE

WHERE: M-Lab Laboratorium and Muziektheater
Aambeeldstraat 10E Amsterdam, the Netherlands

TICKETS: Email - Tickets are 10,00€ per person.


Bho promo picture - Ali Watson

Bho is the latest offering of the rising Amsterdam/Baarn-established contemporary dance
group Samadhi Dance Company.

Bho, Sanskrit for 'Hey, you', speaks to human experiences and relationships within the
world and its body. Bho is a spontaneous, intimate encounter in which both dancer and
spectator become intentionally drawn into the human experience through the use of
language, purposeful music and playful, expressive dancing. This improvisation-based
show is performed by four energetic and charismatic dancers: Ilaria Angelicchio (Italy),
Guillermo Blinker (the Netherlands), Annlydie Groenen (Belgium) and Vraja Sundari
Keilman (the Netherlands).

They will be carried by the music of Bibio, Takagi Masakatsu, Björk, Selva de Mar, Juana
Molina and Samadhi's favorite composer, Nitin Sawhney. The performance will be
complimented by a film projection from acclaimed Rotterdam film artist Levina Tameris
along with film work by Samadhi dancer and choreographer Vraja Sundari Keilman in
collaboration with Chilean film artist Pablo Larrea.

The work-in-progress of Bho will be revealed for the first time at M-Lab Laboratorium and
Muziektheater in Amsterdam on the 17 & 18 December 2009.