Barbara Revelli

Grow your clothing

Bio-Couture : bacterial-cellulose textile is the fashion of the future

What could be a more sustainable way of dressing up than growing your own cloths made from a totally organic material?
This is the aim of an interesting experimental project called Bio-Couture, investigating the use of bacterial-cellulose, grown in a laboratory, to produce clothing.

The group declares that "Our ultimate goal is to literally grow a dress in a vat of liquid..."

Watch the video below of Suzanne Lee's TED talk about growing your own clothing and Bio-Couture!

This is Suzanne Lee's TED talk on growing clothing out of Kombucha culture

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In the last years, the Bio-couture project group has tested this incredible bacterial-cellulose material giving it various moulding forms like shoes and body form. They have also developed some prototypes of shirts and jackets.

Suzanne Lee, who is working on the Bio-couture project, gave a TED talk recently about her work and how she is growing and making clothing out of Kombucha culture. Watch it above!