Academy. Learning from the Museum

Siemens artsprogram

16 sep 2006
26 nov 2006

Beginning with the idea of the museum as a cumulative archive, the project 'Academy. Learning from the Musuem' at Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven aims to develop new principles of teaching and learning.

The work with the Museum's collection is viewed as a process in which experiences are materialized. Irit Rogoff and Florian Schneider have planned a conference concerned with the topics that have arisen from the so-called 'non-aligned' has been taken from the Movement of 'Non-aligned Nations', whose alliance are aimed at developing outside of the customary classifications and attributions.

The conference of 'Academy Now' - which is to be continued in 2007 - has set it sights on linking up the topics activism, participation and artistic practice, and demarcating education not only as a model, but also as a field for political participation an cultural creativity