Springdance 2011

dance performances

14 apr 2011
24 apr 2011

Springdance 2011 offers innovative and adventurous dance performances by choreographers from everywhere around the world, from Japan to Iceland and from Israel to Belgium.


Springdance - Image by springdance.nl SPRINGDANCE 2011

New talents as well as more established artists will be presenting their work in their own personal and surprising ways. This 27th edition of Springdance tracks the idea of physical mobility over a number of possible outlooks, at a variety of different speeds and on a range of different scales. In the festival, mobility is captured as it travels in the movement of bodies, through shifting personal identities, fast and slow, vertical and horizontal, linear and circular, repetitive and non-repetitive, silent and loud, tender and violent, from motion to emotion.

The programme is to be found on the website.
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