Games for Change

Meet up @ Butterfly Works studio

20 apr 2011

An evening for serious games designers and interested people. Meet and share ideas in a relaxed environment. The Butterfly Works studio is situated in Amsterdam-Noord. Sign up at: Meetup


Butterfly Works icons - Butterfly Works is a co-design studio based in Amsterdam. This image was taken from their website.

Butterfly Works

Butterfly Works co-designs for a better world. Our studio is based in Amsterdam and works globally with a core team of 15 designers and organisers.

Butterfly Works was founded in 2003 (by Ineke Aquarius, Emer Beamer and Hester Ezra, all) with the wish to contribute to greater equality in the world through co-design.

We work in emerging economies because we believe in undiscovered potential. Through serious media, social branding and experiential learning we share knowledge, trigger creativity and build sustainable businesses.

Butterfly Works have developed numerous concepts which contribute to greater equality in the world, concepts which are currently used in 22 countries in 3 continents. We are honored to have received international awards.

Examples of our work include founding father of Return to Sender, NairoBits Digital Design schools, !SYOU sneakers and a recently launched game called ‘GETH2O′.
Fing out more about the GETH2O game on the website

More information

We'll be meeting at the Butterfly Works studio. Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 57, 1033 RC Amsterdam. Sign up at Meetup or drop us an e-mail to let us know you're coming:

Tel. 020 47 11 780