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Alternating Current Amsterdam


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for the new Amsterdam seminar
dedicated to the artistic autonomy
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ACAmsterdam - Alternating Current Amsterdam is a fresh Amsterdam seminar dedicated to the artistic autonomy Jacek Rajewski


The Alternating Current Amsterdam (ACA) is a new glocal (local-global) and pluralistic cultural initiative in Amsterdam.

• ACA’s aim is to help develop the three main themes of Dutch cultural sector of now (new ways of financing, cultural entrepreneurship and [sector] innovation) in the light of artistic autonomy.

• ACA is characterized by forward thinking in combination with a positive and constructive tone.

• ACA aims at horizontal exchange with measurable results, inclusive action and cross-disciplinary method.

• ACA has got an ambition to grow globally: starting with one local, grass-roots pilot program.

• This pilot program is a combination of a symposium and art expo and will take place at Sugar Factory and Gallery WM from 08 December 2011 till 08 January 2012.


In the face of unprecedented Dutch cultural policy U-turn many professionals in the sector ask themselves: how to progress? Is progress at all possible? Is there a base for development of the sector that is about to loose so much of its financing?

Indeed, at this moment there are many more questions than answers. And there are lots of emotions too. The general feeling is, that if the planned austerity measures will go through, year 2013 will go in history as a sort of Dutch cultural apocalypse.

But must we passively wait or shall we at least try to take constructive action in order to secure our professional future?

Nachttheater Sugar Factory, Binoq and Gallery WM decided to join forces and chose for the second option: stimulation of a constructive and inspirational discussion on the three key themes in the Dutch cultural landscape of now: new ways of financing, cultural entrepreneurship and (sector) innovation.


The goal of the ACA Platform is:

- to create an innovative Amsterdam platform where policy makers meet independent and entrepreneurial artists and innovative cultural producers (horizontal and pluralistic open network)

- to stimulate creative Amsterdam environment where (community) art reaches out towards new generation’s trans-nationalism (new Europeans and new European cultures seen from glocal perspective)

- to develop new cultural business models where User-Centered Design (UCD) and Public Oriented Art (POA) in combination with online communication is the predominant creative modus operandi of now, in and beyond Amsterdam

- to create documentation where the historical and current perspectives on trends in arts and culture in Amsterdam are registered in the context of larger sways in cultural trends over decennia, locally and globally.

The goal of the ACA Conference is:

- to create Amsterdam residency projects for innovative artists and cultural producers and to let them present their work in the festival context

- to cluster the local, Amsterdam innovative cultural organizations in an attempt to showcase their fruit of labour in an international context once a year

- to create an event celebrating the ACA Platform

The main goal of the ACAmsterdam beyond 2011 is to support the unique identity of art and culture of Amsterdam on its way towards innovation and sustainable growth locally and globally.