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David Linton - Photo Astrobelle / Flickr

David Linton produced the music for Protocol of Desire by Martin Butler and Renée Copraij (2006).

Working as a percussionist during the avant-garde heyday of The Kitchen, Linton toured with performance artists Eric Bogosian and Robert Longo, and played with Rhys Chatham, Glen Branca, Elliot Sharp, and many other downtown luminaries.

He earned two Bessies for his work with Karole Armitage and Steven Petronio, and scored works for The Wooster Group, DANCENOISE, and many others. One of the first on the downtown scene to use a computer in live performance, he introduced the driving beats of modern dance music to the avant-garde, shepherding in a wave of influence that continues to unfold today.

Quietly remaining at the forefront of new musical developments, Linton has been a vital force in creating a community of live electronic musicians over the past decade. Starting in the mid 90's with the Soundlab series in his Chinatown loft and continuing through the present in the peripatetic Unitygain multimedia events, he has brought together a new generation of musicians with artists in the burgeoning field of live video.

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