Femmy Otten - Yellow Minutes

Where time has lost its relevane |||

14 jan 2012
12 feb 2012
  • 20:00
  • PAKT
  • Zeeburgerpad 53,

The work of Femmy Otten thematises the myth as one of the forces of historic images and legends that have continually undergone changes in the course of time, but have never lost the original force witch runs through our physical and emotional consciousness. "I feel like an archaeologist. It's like I'm laying bare the memory structure of the wood in which I work. combining in astonishment the legends of my psychical memory with the dept of the history that is still familiar to us.''


Femmy Ottens - Yellow Minutes - Where time has lost its relevance |||

Otten is putting her intuition into play. It makes it possible for her to distinguish between true and false problems in her own making of art. That is why her work seems so resolved, and so self- evident, although it consists of elements that you normally would hesitate from bringing together. The beauty of what she create lies in the openness and curiosity that inspire it.

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