Zwagerman Joost


Succesfull or useless

Gimmick! is a book by famous dutch autor Joost Zwagerman which he wrote in 1989. This book represents the world of a small group of succesfull artists living in Amsterdam in the glamorous 80s.


Gimmick! - Presentation of the book by Joost Zwagerman. Found on Flickr by Wintertuin

Zwagerman, in these days one of our famous dutch writers with a fun way of writing. Gimmick! gives us a good view into succesfull but in al lot of ways difficult lives of succesfull artists. You work hard to get noticed as an artist to be a part of a small group of best creatives. In the end when you get succesfull what is left for you? Gimmick! shows us that success will open lots of new doors but do you have to do if you open the wrong ones en get into a never endless turning tornado of clubs, coke and sex