Experimental Gastronomy

Steinbeisser presents

Steinbeisser Experimental Gastronomy are evenings devoted to experimental gastronomy and discovering a fresh perspective on contemporary eating rituals.


Experimental Gastronomy -

Local and bio-dynamic

All the food originates from local and bio-dynamic grown grains, fruits and vegetables. The guests are invited to be part of an experience where gastronomy, philosophy, design and performance art come together. It’s a variation, an interpretation and practice of a contemporary northern European food ceremony.

Artistic interventions

All ingredients are of bio-dynamic origin sourced in the Amsterdam area. The artistic intervention comes from Alexander Gershberg, Maki Okamoto and Debbie Wijskamp, who will change the eating experience in a responsive, yet thought-provoking manner.


The capacity is 20 guests, per night.
A 5 course menu will be served for 27€ per person.
To book, please send an email to Martin Kullik, info[at]steinbeisser.org. For more information check out LloydHotel.