Priscilla Haring

Priscilla Haring is a media psychologist specialised in gaming research. She is a former academic researcher and currently working as an independent consultant. Her background is in the social sciences, the applied psychology of communication science, marketing, journalism as well as some didactic methodology. Her work is driven by the application of psychological knowledge combined with technical innovation to benefit individuals and/or society as a whole.

In the past few years she has researched virtual coaching, Alternate Reality Gaming and other (serious) gaming forms. She has given several lectures on the psychology behind serious gaming and had a book chapter published on this subject. Recently, she started her PhD research on the transference of several psychological constructs from ARGs, MMOs and Exergames into 'real life'.

In 2012 she started giving workshops and presentations on the psychology behind play, (serious) games and gamification.

Through earlier research and on-going interest Priscilla is currently connected to several online gaming communities, the Dutch game developer community, the interest group Woman In Games and the innovation platform Ideas Waiting To Happen.

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