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TALIB-TYPE_intercultural type research

“Talib” is a project of eps51, a graphic design studio founded in 2004 by Sascha Thoma and Ben Wittner. In 2005 we spent 6 months in Cairo, Egypt working for the Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art and doing some other graphic jobs. During this time we fell in love with Arabic calligraphy and type which is why we went back to Cairo for another 4 months to work on the type project "Talib – intercultural type research".

The name "Talib" ( Arabic for student/seeker of knowledge ) is not just a description of a professional status , it is also part of our philosophy to discover and explore new cultures exchanging knowledge and inspiration with people all over the world.

You’re welcome to check our portfolio: www.eps51.com

we are currently working on expanding the talib type book project. the new version will be published beginning of 2008.

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