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Until august 2012 I was employed as a BOF-doctoral researcher at Ghent University (Belgium). My PhD project was supervised by Youri Desplenter (Ghent University), Joris Reynaerd (Ghent University), Dirk Coigneau (Ghent University), Remco Sleiderink (HU Brussel) and Kees Schepers (University of Antwerp).

My main research interest is medieval Dutch literature, more specifically eschatology in the vernacular in the 14th century. For my thesis I studied the themes, modes of representation and lines of traditions of eschatological topics in Middle Dutch literature. Christian eschatological topics mainly can be divided into individual and universal eschatology. Individual eschatology is mainly concerned with the afterlife of the soul of the individual after death, universal eschatology with the collective fate of Christianity after the end of time.

My research has resulted in several articles and my PhD-thesis “‘Dit es dinde van goede en quade’: Eschatologie bei den Brabanter Autoren Jan van Boendale, Lodewijk van Velthem und Jan van Leeuwen (14. Jh.)” that I defended in October 2012. In the future I plan to focus more on the relationship between medieval Dutch and German writings, especially in religious literature, I would love to do an editorial project, for example an edition of the German transmission of the ‘Vierde Partie’ of the ‘Spiegel Historiael’ , or study more specifically vernacular prophecy in the medieval Low countries. At the moment I am preparing a new postdoctoral-project as independent post-doctoral researcher of Ghent University.

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