A Nation Outside A Nation

Nadine Stijns

9 nov 2013
22 dec 2013

A new show by Nadine Stijns on Philippine labor migrants


LhGWR-NadineStijns-1 - Nadine Stijns


A Nation Outside A Nation offers a remarkable insight into the labor migration of Filipinos and focuses on the relationships between migrants and between migrants and their relatives back home. Being triggered by a personal quest after the identity of Stijns’ Philippine in-laws, it now tells tales about family love, inventiveness and traditional values; about the anchors of our self-confidence. It shows the hardships that come with poverty, and the inevitable need to search a brighter future elsewhere. A Nation Outside A Nation is an in-depth contemplation relating to numerous gathered intriguing facts, a way of working we mainly know of documentary makers, but which Stijns uses as the basis for an autonomous visual translation. The past years Nadine Stijns has been working in Asia on projects related to labor migration. In these projects she plays a mediating visual and investigative role.