Worskhops: grow your own psychedelic and culinary mushrooms

Friday 24 and Wednesday 29 January

In these two workshops you can learn how to grow you own magic or oyster mushrooms. On the 24th of January, we will discover how to cultivate the psycedelic psilocybe cubensis mushroom. On the 29th, we will act more culinary and grow our own eadible oyster mushrooms. The workshops will take place in our self-build mobile clean room. Visit our magic mushroom and oyster mushroom workshop webpages for more information and tickets.


Oyster Mushrooms - Pictire taken from Facebook Oyster Mushroom Page.

More information

The workshops takes place at the Mediamatic Fabriek (VOC-kade 10, Amsterdam). The magic mushroom workshop will be given on Friday the 24th of January and costs € 50. The oyster mushroom workshop will be on the Wednsday the 29th of January and costs € 25. The workshops will be given in English and begin at 19:00 to 21:30. Don't hesitate to buy your tickets for the magic mushroom and oyster mushroom workshops. For questions, please contact Deborah Meibergen.

Mediamatic Bio Industry

This event is part of Mediamatic Bio Industry, a broad techno-cultural lab exploring the possibilities of fungal material and other bio-based materials for design, science and art. Scientist, artists, designers, architects, and the public, will together investigate how to make use of the promising characteristics of mycelium – the plastic of the 21st century.

Mediamatic Bio Industry is made possible by the DOEN foundation en the Mondriaan Fund.


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