Maud Aarts


Maud Aarts, architect -

We believe more time is needed for reflection, especially at this moment. Space for optimism and new ideas. That is why Buitenwerkplaats offers desks for flexible working for free now! Treat yourself to a new approach, some extra time. Take a fresh start at Buitenwerkplaats!

The Buitenwerkplaats is a project resort. You can come to Buitenwerkplaats to work on your projects, alone or with a team. Amongst the lambs and the fruittrees, at just half an hour from Amsterdam. You'll enjoy the concentration and good company!

Landscape Laboratory: We have special offers for (international) research projects approaching themes like: watermanagement, new energy landscapes, innovative crops, new food consumption patterns, appreciation of nature, new economic forces in agriculture, sustainability and recreation,- that give form to our landscape. Check our website for more info.