Chandni Venkataraman, Anastasia Lvova

Artforms in Digital Translation

Anastasia and Chandni working hard to translate the beauty of Haeckel's lithographic illustrations

In order to make the extraordinary Kunstformen der Natur exhibition happen in September, our graphic designers Chandni and Anastasia, have been scanning images from the 1904 edition of the book. To have the best quality possible, they have been using an Epson 10000XL graciously provided by A3scannen.


Scan in progress - Chandni preparing to scan Haeckel's work - one down, 99 to go! Anastasia Lvova

It has been quite a challenge to preserve all the exquisite colours within the illustrations but our efforts have payed off! We are rather pleased with the quality achieved on the test runs printed out

We will also hight resolution scans of Kunstformen der Natur available on the website in a short while!


How do we display? - Anastasia designing the exhibition Chandni Venkataraman