The Reality Shift expositie

17 sep 2014
26 sep 2014

The exhibition ‘The reality Shift’ looks at how humanity and technology seem to merge more and more and how these developments challenge our perception of reality


BEYOND Biënnale event - In collaboration with EYE, BEYOND Biennale organises two unique nights filled with interactive artworks, performances and short presentations Beyond Biënnale


The distinction between the physical and the virtual world is fading, as this becomes increasingly unified under the influence of new media tools and Big data applications.

The Reality Shift is an assessment of our current status, where various artists, researchers and alike evaluate the implications of the most recent developments in media, artistic methods, applied design, research and experiments.

The Reality Shift exhibition is part of the BEYOND Biennale and Discovery Festival. Free entrance.
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BEYOND Biennale also includes:

BEYOND EYE Night: The Reality Shift (Sat. 6 september)

EYE Night: Body Hacking (Sat 13 September)

Discovery Festival Night (Fri 26 september)