Studio Broed

Rosalie Bak and Marieke Broertjes at Myco Design Lab Exposition

Rosalie Bak and Marieke Broertjes experiment with bio-design to contribute to a more sustainable future by using mycelium.


Myco-Rainbow Warriors - Colourful Mycelium Rosalie Bak, Marieke Broertjes, Malcolm Kratz

Research Question

With which combination of bio-materials and mycelium can we grow the material of the future?


When we view the products that are currently grown with mycelium, they differ in shape, but not in color. All is beautiful, fluffy and white. We were curious to learn whether it is possible to color the mycelium from within with the use of natural colouring agents, such as saffron and madder.


Rosalie and Marieke collaboration began with a mutual interest in bio-design and a shared view of the world. They both have a strong interest in biology and the drive to address ethical questions and to contribute making the world a better place. These elements lead them to a collaborative process, in search of an experimental approach on design, dealing with live matter, capable of growing and reacting to the surrounding environment. By means of experimentation, they are exploring ways to implement mycelium for design purposes, aiming to achieve a more sustainable, healthy and colourful future.