Jimena Mendizabal

A short introduction to the Bio Art Supplies Shop

The Bio Art Supplies Shop will be a sale and exhibitions space open to anybody with an interest to learn, experiment and work in the field of bio-technology.


Fresh water microorganisms. - Fresh water microorganisms. Found on flickr by Hunter Desportes

Mediamatic has been actively involved in the field of culture and technology for more than 3 decades. In recent years we have focused our attention to the field of bio-technology, since we consider the disciplines of technology and life sciences will play a decisive role in the industry, society, economy and culture of the 21st century.

Despite its growing importance and tremendous potential, large shares of the recent developments in the intersection of technology, art, design and life sciences remain elusive and almost invisible to the public. Core practices such as working with microorganisms and DNA remain too technical and even a little scary to a lot of people, creating a gap that is difficult to overcome.

As a result, opening the field of bio-technologies to a larger audience represents a big task. We consider a two prong approach is necessary in order to overcome this challenge, tackling the task not only through education but through shopping as well. The number of people that prefer to go shopping is significantly larger than the group of people who visits artistic or educational exhibitions. A store is an easy and approachable way to introduce people to new concepts that might be otherwise overwhelming.

Conceived not only as a shop but also as an exhibition space to display the wide applications of bio-technology, the Bio Art Supplies Shop aims to be an inviting place where people can see, touch and learn about bio-technology and its different uses. We will showcase artists and designers’ prototypes, offer the materials and supplies for a DIY approach to science and fermentation, and overall we will house a unique microorganisms bank which will be the core of the store. This bank will be a great opportunity to facilitate working with living materials that are quite difficult to get outside of an university environment; encouraging artists, designers, amateurs and enthusiasts to get started into the possibilities of bio-technology.