Interactive Soundwalk Summerschool

with Geluid van Nederland & Echoes

17 aug 2015
28 aug 2015
  • 10:00
  • Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

The theme of this summerschool in the last two weeks of august is the art of creating interactive soundwalks


Echoes application - Placing sounds on the map Echoes

STEIM, in collaboration with The sounds of the Netherlands (GvNl) and Echoes are organizing a two week summerschool at the end of August. The subject of this summerschool is the art of creating interactive soundwalks

The Interactive Soundwalk Summerschool is based on three fundamental aspects of interactive soundwalks:

1. The Narrative: storytelling, sonic games
2. The Interaction Model: impulses, controls and output
3. The Stage: the context and surroundings

During this workshop the participants will:
- get a general overview of the current state of soundwalks and the Echoes system.
- create soundwalks using the Echoes Creator, which can be played back with the Echoes smartphone app.
- utilise the Het Geluid van Nederland geolocated sound database..
- learn about metadata ‘best practices’ and discuss how to tag best tag sounds.
- do field recording, studio recording, sound editing and manipulation, sound composition, final production and mastering.
- present their results at the end of the summerschool.