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Raya Tueny presenting the Cut Up Djeballah

El Hema Koopavond 7

Raya introducing her new product called Cut up Djellaba during one of the El HEMA " Koopavonden" 2007. The El HEMA "Koopavonden" were public research meetings organized by Mediamatic. Here artists, designers and other specialists could discuss and present their ideas about a Arabic HEMA. The Cut up Djellaba turned out to be one of the most requested EL HEMA products that sold out in the first week. Raya Tueny presented her project of the Cut Up Djellaba kit. The kit will include a Djellaba (traditionally a man's long shirt), scissors and instructions on how to customize the djellaba to make it look fashionable to personal preferences. More info can be found here.
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