Louis Rigaud

Media Creation and Illustration


Louis Regaud - French decorative artist.

A Strasbourg Decorative Arts graduate who now works in independent media creation and illustration.

Louis Rigaud works in independent media creation and illustration. He likes appropriating different media: books, moving image, the web, video games and plays with their varying constraints. He directs himself more and more towards multi-media projects that transgress the paper and digital, the book and the screen.

His work often has an educational dimension as his training taught him to design images with the goal of transmission. Whether with animated books, websites or digital games, he interested in interactivity. In this way, he uses simple, intuitive systems that engage the reader.

Because we always learn more while having fun, handling and discovery are at the center of Louis' projects for both the young and big kids!

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  • 5 place du marché Clichy
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