Play the City Foundation

Istanbul+NL based city design and research network

‘The Responsive City’ [TReC].
The network focuses on strategic urban development in emerging countries, therefore consists of young and ambitious professionals from Cairo to Istanbul to Amsterdam. Ekim is an experienced researcher and designer in international urban design projects. Her hybrid worldview has been shaped by diverse cultural conditions of the east and west, islam and christianity, poverty and prosperity. Currently, besides running her practice TReC, Ekim writes her PhD thesis on ‘design and complexity’ at the Delft University of Technology [DUT] and the International New Towns Institute [INTI]. In 2010 she partners the Brussels based NGO citymine[d] with the EU project ‘Europe from the Bottom Up’
Ekim has been regularly teaching and lecturing worldwide; amongst which for the Aleppo University for Arts and Sciences, Rotterdam Architecture Academy, Amsterdam Architecture Academy, Copenhagen Business School, Middle East Technical University.
Born in Istanbul, Ekim graduated as an architect at Middle East Technical University [METU] with the Archiprix Award in 1999, and got her second degree in urbanism of the Technical University Delft with distinction in 2005.


TRec Players - Participants in the City Design Game Willem Velthoven

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