project: Chandra Brooks

Block Printing & Wood Block Printing

La Rate Blanche in the FabLab

1) I am working with hand painted calligraphy to create flexible stencils on the laser cutter. The stencils will then be used to create prints which will not be recognizable as such.
2) I am working with hand painted miniatures on a variety of surfaces which will be engraved on the laser cutter and then sublimated (ideally).
3) I am working with 3 alphabets that I have designed which combine the Carolingian miniscule hand with lettere tagliate, and traced letters. I would like to make wood cuts of these alphabets for use with the printing press, etc.
4) I am producing my light cuttings as laser cuts on a variety of surfaces for several different theatrical/performative uses. My first laser project will be to create "gobos" for use as light filters.
5) The expected end result of all these is a storytelling performance with large format books and media.


lenuagefolio.jpg -

1st days. I am in the problem shooting phase. I have a lot of text and I want a streamlined, fast and effective way of tracing it for stencil production. Bernardo suggest AutoTrace but in Illustrator CS it's too tedius. Luis says in Illustrator II it's more effective, but by leaps and bounds, Delineator (Freeware) works best of all. Couldn't get Delineator to download.