seda manavoglu, tina bastajian

Coffee Deposits ::: Topologies of Chance

This dvd-rom is an interactive documentation of in-situ coffee encounters that took place in Istanbul in autumn 2009. Coffee Deposits presents a subjective mapping: a hybrid between documentary forms and ludic exploration of residual traces.

Coffee Deposits:::Topologies of Chance (aka Siting Maps in Cups) began as a charting of layers, rhythms and dwelling in Istanbul through the mode of mobile and ad-hoc Turkish coffee encounters. The project also attempted to introduce GPS and location aware gestures to augment these encounters by leaving digital and ephemeral traces.
What transpired in autumn 2009, contours this interactive DVD-ROM: where coffee sediments, divination and GPS strategies became instead ambient mediums or as phantom guides and unfolded a series of counter-cartographies, while traversing through Istanbul.

[artists Tina Bastajian /Seda Manavoglu, 2010]

funded by the European Cultural Foundation


fincan_icinde_kartografi.jpg - tina bastajian, seda manavoglu