MetaMeets 2011

"Lets Create 3D"

17 jun 2011
19 jun 2011

MetaMeets wants to invite you into the world of 3d internet. "Lets create 3D in the gardens of Co Creation!"
Development in 3d Design software, Machinima Making, Virtual Broad coasting, Art, Music and exploring the opportunities of Virtual Class Rooms.


metameetsscreen - Jolanda M.D.

MetaMeets is a yearly conference/networking event of creators of 3D environments. Developers, artists, machinimamakers, musicians, educators, business, community will join together to create and explore with you the incredible world of Social Virtual Worlds and platforms.
With great speakers and community from these worlds and virtual platforms we guide you in how to design and make a success of these platforms.

Through workshops developers, students and community will interact with participants and show the endless opportunities.

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This year MetaMeets will partner up with MMIF ( MaMachinima Festival) where Machinima makers show their art in a virtual and real festival in the evening times.
Before this festival start a workshop will be given about Machinima Making.

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