Graduation and International Symposium

During the fourth edition of DARE, Dutch Artistic Research Event, a series of research activities will take place from September 4 – September 13. Five locations in the city of Utrecht - Academiegalerie, Aorta, Centraal Museum, Dutch Design Center and Studio Hoograven - will be the platform for graduate presentations, and offer room for research-screenings and panel discussions.


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- Opening: September 4

17-19.00 All locations: Academiegalerie, Aorta, Dutch Design Center, Studio Hoograven.

19-19.30 Opening Performance: Fashion Show: Kloostertuin Het Pandhof, Domplein,

- Degree Show Ma Fine Art

Location: Studio Hoograven, Goylaan 91.

Open: Wednesday-Saturday and Sunday September 13: 13-18.

Parallel Programme Fine Art: Workshops/Lectures.

Curator: Mika Hannula (Berlin/University of Gothenburg)

- Degree Show MA Spatial Design (Interior and Public Space Design)

Location: Aorta, Achter de Dom 14.

Open: Wednesday-Saturday and Sunday September 13: 13-18:00.

Research Screening: September 8, 19:00. Critical Referent: Lilet Breddels.

Curator: Arjen Oosterman (Editor in chief Volume/Archis)

- Degree Show MA Fashion Design

Location: Academiegalerie. Minrebroederstraat 16.

Open: Wednesday-Saturday and Sunday September 13: 13-18:00

Research screening: September 10, 15.30 - 17.30

Curator: Anne Vroegop (Expozee Amsterdam)

- Degree Show MA Editorial Design

Location: Dutch Design Center, Rotsoord 3.

Open: Monday-Sunday 12-17:00.

Research screening: September 10, 19:00. Critical Referents: Joost Grootens, Martijn Sandberg.

Curator: Thomas Clever (CleverFranke)

- International Symposium: Urban Knowledge, September 9, 10-17:00

In the context of DARE # 4, an international symposium will take place. Urban Knowledge investigates the specific perspectives Fine Art and Design deploy in order to understand and rethink our current urban environments and their complexities.

Location: Centraal Museum, Nicolaaskerkhof 10.Presentations:

  • Jan-Erik Andersson (PhD Researcher Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki)
  • Adam Budak (Curator Manifesta 7),
  • Claire Doherty (Director Situations, Bristol)
  • Mike Fitzpatrick (Director Limmerick City Gallery/EV+A: exhibition of visual art)
  • Mika Hannula (Professor of Artistic Research, MaHKU/Gothenburg University)
  • Oliver Marchart (Professor of Sociology, Lucerne)
  • Kobe Matthys (Agency, Brussels)
  • Paul O’Neill (Curator, Research project Locating the Producer)

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