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Charlotte van Alem

Art & Design Researcher


Charlotte van Alem -

Environmental observation, research and the notion of repurposing lead her to consider the enormous growing quantity of dead jellyfish surrounding coastal areas. This lead her to contemplate jellyfish as a potential useable material. 

She began researching this potential material source as to retrieve a useable material from it. This material would then need to have several properties that would allow for diverse applications as a semi-manufactured good.

In her material research with jellyfish, she has used additives in restoration techniques that she has previously employed. Supplementing her work with scientific research has led to fascinating results, enabling the production of a semi-manufactured good.

She is a researcher who has found a potential source from commodity issues. Her topic and its societal relevance make her research actual and promisingly insinuate possibilities of a new material that would be applicable on a large-scale. 


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