Valienska Magfira, Hyun-Gi Kim

The Chair That Bleeds

The Red Series 001 Breath Chair by Hyun-Gi Kim

We consider chairs to be one of those everyday inanimate furnitures that fills the room. And like many inanimate objects, they’re often taken for granted because chairs are always being made. But chairs, however boring they may be, can have a sentimental value to them. We personify chairs sometimes because it does support us: our weight, our muscles, and our overall comfort. Now how would we view chairs if it was personified even further? For example if chairs were to have their own blood circulation?


Red Series 001, Breathe by Hyun-Gi Kim photographed by Sumin Shin - Sumin Shin, Hyun-Gi Kim

With hundreds of tubes and fake blood in blood bags, Hyun-Gi Kim from Hongik University of Seoul creates his chair with two seats at opposite ends connected by the tubes. So if one were to sit at one end, the blood would flow through the tubes and fill the bloodbags at the other end. It represents a similar function to our own blood circulation when pressure is applied but it's not to say that the chair is now alive with a conscience.

However the transparency of the blood circulation in the chair exemplifies the philosophy of energy, which can be said to be in everything and everywhere. As such, by personifying a chair by giving it a blood circulation shows us that like living entities, they are affected by energy just as they can create it too. That’s definitely something to be mindful of when treating our possessions.

Hyun-Gi Kim's Red Series 001, Breathe was heard through: Dezeen