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Sonja Tobé

Waar is dit gemaakt?

Sonja Tobé is a dancer, occupational therapist, massage therapist for people with cancer, aromaclown and aromatherapist in a nursinghome for people with dementia. Her goal is to move and help people through the senses hearing, feeling, seeing, touching and smelling, by using the essential and fatty oils and the hydrolats.

Odorama with Claudia de Vos, Éva-Marie Lind, Susana Cámara Leret and Sonja Tobé.

Hippocrates taught his students to be ‘men with open noses’ in order to recognise and cure diseases. There is a reason that the plants we find most fragrant turn out to be strong antibacterial and antiseptic sources. So how can scent be used as a tool, medicine or treatment or as a means to improve our mental state? Three aromatherapists and scent experts demonstrated the meaning of the applied uses of smell in health, art and daily life.