Jiwei Zhou

Experimenting Smell on Mycelium

Which smell source will neutralise the smell of the substrate bostel?

Mycelium can grow on beer brewery wastes now. However, it has a unpleasant farm smell. We want to make the fungi material smells good so that it can make people feel good while using it. What kind of scent source will make the mycelium growing on beer brewery waste smell a little bit nicer, and at the same time doesn’t do harm to the growing process? Coco flower, chickpea flower, almond flower, thyme or soy flower? In this post we are going to discover it with experiments done in our clean lab during March 2018.


Bostel Smell Neutralization-Coco Flower-ChickPea Flower-Almond Flower-Thyme -

5 scent sources were experimented, to give the material a neutral smell, including soy flower, coco flower, chickpea flower, almond flower and thyme. Besides that, combinations of thyme with the other 4 sources respectively were experimented. In end, we found that Coco Flower and Almond Flower as well as Almond Flower plus Thyme mixed with the bostel substrate turned out to be neutrally smelling.