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"no die no sore lover..." by: Bobby Collins

Cover of, "no die no sore lover"
A Photo and Short Story Pem Book by : Bobby Collins

A kind of semiotic photo-book, elegizing (hence the title) the now extinct, love relationship of two people who could not hold on to love as they first knew it, by substituting the typical and most popular symbol of love, the heart, with a dinosaur. It is not to say that these two ever had a symbol at all. But for one, it has now changed, as illusions of this, inundate his mind with adjectives, such as, destructive, scary, solitaire, exciting, to name a few.

One can find the short story poem, towards the end of the book, useful, as it may seemingly better explain this point of view in words.. however, it'll be up to the reader to decide!

(a short video will soon be available as well on-line)

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